New Service
Cranberry Pomegranate Revitalizing Massage

This 90 minute massage smells and feels like high end pampering but is actually an effective tension reducing, toning and detoxifying treatment.  The specially blended anti-aging oil mildly relaxes the body while gently stimulating circulation and detoxifying.   Hot stones are used on your shoulders and back to enhance the relaxing effects of the oils.  Pampering also includes an eco fin foot treatment to soften and moisturize your hard working feet.  $130

Featured Seasonal Treatment
Lemongrass Sage Body Renewal

A full body, 90 minute massage featuring the earthy citrus-herb aroma of lemongrass and sage to uplift your spirit, boost your self esteem and chase away any lingering winter blues.  Includes a salt scrub for your back and feet to exfoliate away your dry, itchy winer skin leaving it super soft and glowing.  Warmed himalayan salt stones are used on your back to deepen your relaxation, melt away muscle tension and moisturize.   $130

Signature Therapeutic Massage

A more intense massage that is a unique blend of myofascial release, neuromuscular and trigger point therapies.   Each area of the body is evaluated with warming strokes before deeper, more therapeutic work is performed.  Designed to relieve deep-seated, chronic muscle tension.   Fully customized to your specific needs that day.  Best for those who like deeper, more focused work, have chronic pain or are overly stressed.  Includes work on your face, hands, and feet and steamed towels for your feet and back.

30 min $50

60 min  $90

90 min $115

Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

Our most intense therapy for those with chronic muscle tension, trigger points, and overstressed bodies.  Hot Stones held in the hands of the therapist are used to deeply warm an area and soften connective tissue before applying therapeutic strokes.  Allows the therapist to work more deeply while minimizing any discomfort to the client.  A great choice for those who have trouble relaxing or have deep-seated chronic pain and tension.

75 min  $100

90 min  $120

Raindrop Massage

A deeply relaxing and healing full body massage utilizing 9 specific essential oils known for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflamatory properties.  Each oil is applied like a raindrop down the spine and lightly massaged in.  Hot stones and steamed towels are applied to allow the oils to penetrate deep into the muscles and facilitate healing.  A unique spa experience that relaxes and heals the body as it nurtures the soul.  This treatment is a customer favorite!

90 min  $125

Express Spa

A mini version of our signature therapeutic for those that are pressed for time or are new to massage.  Focuses on the neck,shoulders, and back for maximum relief and relaxation.  30 min   $50

A seated massage done over your clothing.  Concentrates on the common problem areas of the neck, back, and shoulders.  A great maintenance between full treatments or as a quick mid-day refresher.

15 min  $15

20 min  $20

30 min  $30

Chair Massage