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The Blossom Story

The idea and inspiration for Blossom came from the desire to give my clients the very best salon and spa experience. Client comfort is very important to me and environment plays a key role in the ability of the client to feel comfortable and relax.  I wanted to be able to treat my clients to a space that was warm, inviting and peaceful.  A beautiful space where clients would instantly be able to take a deep breath, let go of their stress and enjoy their time away from the demands of their life.


 With this in mind, I chose to leave a 9 year salon and spa partnership in 2016 when I realized that it no longer fit my needs or my ideal of a salon and spa.   It had started to feel like a beloved wool sweater that no longer fit and was now tight and itchy.  I wanted more for my clients, a more complete spa experience and a stress free environment.  In short, it was time for me to realize all of my potential both as a business and as an individual.  It was time for me to Blossom.


 I spent over a year searching for the perfect combination of location and ammenities.  My previous experience creating a salon from scratch gave me all the tools I needed to find the perfect space.  I knew exactly what I was looking for and wouldn't settle for less.   I have finally found a space I love!  It has lots of natural light, open space with room to grow and is set in a peaceful location with plenty of convenient parking!  My hope is that you love it as much as I do!


Salon Owner/Massage Therapist

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